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The only trading tool you will ever need.

TradeOmeter is now owned and operated by RPM Web Services and RPM Trades has acquired all rights to TradeOmeter.

The new version is in development and will have 40 stocks, 30 cryptos, all the normal US futures, multiple time frames, and a unique alert system that works on your cell phones included! Stay tuned to this site. It will ONLY be available here or

Early bird ground floor entry price with all the benefits: The $100/year package will get it when it's done. The version standalone will be $49/month. Get it now on RPM Trades for $100/year, locked in also with all the other coming features to the RPM Trades site.

The TradeOMeter Pack is a collection of proprietary indicators developed specifically for day-traders.

When these proprietary real-time signals are used together they create a powerful timing tool for day-trading the Index Futures Contracts (ES, NQ, and YM). These show you tradable areas of high-probability reversal in each market!

Example charts

Benefits to Traders

  • Vocal alerts instantly notify you of over-bought and over-sold conditions
  • Visual markers show you where the signals were activated
  • Real-time signals identify tradable zones in each of the markets
  • TradeOMeter™ allows you to increase your statistical edge over other traders, by increasing the probability of profitable trades

Unique Features

  • Incredibly predictive proprietary algorithm
  • Truly real-time signals
  • Minimal design to help reduce clutter on the dashboard
  • Easy to understand, simple to use


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